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Olive Oil with Parmesan and Bread

Or just infused olive oil. This is a favorite of mine to have at an Italian restaurant. So for dinner last night, we had an idea to recreate this, add a few more cheeses to the mix, and also some prosciutto. Well it turns out that Publix brand EVOO has a horrible after taste. I hate that I wasted some of the fresh parmesan in it. Would anyone have suggestions of great tasting, reasonably priced olive oils that you can get at a local grocery store/Whole Foods?

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And last night’s dream consisted of me working the dressing room at my old job at TJ Maxx, seeing my high school band director in the dressing room and congratulating him on his second born, multiple family members because at one point we all had dinner together at Ryans, me informing my older sister that she had a big mouth and should think before speaking, texting with John Krasinski, and then eventually receiving a handwritten letter from him professing his love for me.

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A little Edge Of Tomorrow and this amazing Chilean wine.

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Tea time with the SO’s mother, grandmother, and great Aunt.

Tea time with the SO’s mother, grandmother, and great Aunt.

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That moment when you’re walking into the restroom as someone’s walking out and you both scare the shit out of one another.

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Well this shouldn’t take too long…

Well this shouldn’t take too long…

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